Management Tool for Drone Pilots and Enterprise


Enterprise Dasbhoard

Enterprise users can use DroneEntry to help with project workflow management.

  • Use all your other data processing software + our management tool to help improve project execution.
  • Manage and assign tasks to multiple pilots per project.
  • Electronic authorization of documents or signatures.
  • Communicate and share projects details with multiple clients.

Pilot Dashboard

Pilots can use DroneEntry to create a single online portfolio of all projects and easily share it widely with current and potential clients.

  • Connect with other pilots within your community.
  • Sync your profile with other data and dashboard tools.
  • Try the PRO features and execute jobs as co-pilots and earn income together.
  • Build your reputation with your local aviation authorities.

Our API Partners

Are you a drone ground school?

Try our free dashboard to manage your courses and students.

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Pilot eID

Keep your credentials handy at all times through integration of your Pilot eID into the iOS or Android wallet apps.

Public Safety

Local public safety agencies can optimize their DroneEntry tools to manage their drone task force. The public safety team lead can handle multiple police safety officers from drone training to understanding the investigation scope firsthand – implemented using encrypted technology to protect sensitive data.


Having a DroneEntry profile allows for you to have an online portfolio to list your competencies and certificates, your drone fleet and projects you have worked on. It also enables you to connect, share your knowledge and learn from experiences with other pilots.
It is an electronic credential e-passport for all your drone work that you can carry with you on your iPhone wallet. This future feature will allow you to connect your PilotID with remoteID, and tag your PilotID to the drone. For more information and to get on the list please email us at [email protected] and Subject : Apply for PilotID Copyrighted technology [ patent pending ]
UAV Ground School Network Integration Program is an initiative dedicated towards UAV ground schools to help bring structure to their school. The dashboard allows groundschools to manage their pilots and their courses. This helps them keep track of their students which have gone through their courses and recommend to their past students other courses they should take.
DroneEntry is committed to meeting the guidelines set out by the European Commission to be compliant with GDPR. We have made some key policy, product and term updates to ensure that our platform follows these strict guidelines. What this means for you is that your personal data is secure and protected. DroneEntry organizes your data within our platform to support GDPR and allows you to authorize the data you want to sync from other third party platforms. Authorizing these third party platforms will allow you to build your credibility within the DroneEntry platform.
DroneEntry uses a level system for privacy. The first level (Level 1) keeps all your information private, the second level (Level 2) shares your profile within your chosen network and the third level (Level 3) shares your profile only with a specific organization.
Working with other industry leaders, we are creating integrations that will allow for data syncing into your DroneEntry profile from multiple different platforms. These data syncs will help you to build and maintain up to date data within your profile. Don’t see an integration with an industry leader that you were hoping for, send us an email at [email protected] and Subject : Integrations to see how we can add that integration.
The competency area within your profile shows your level of knowledge for different equipment, tools and software that you use. This allows for clients and other pilots to see what you are proficient in when your profile gets sent to them when applying for jobs.
Endorsements allow for a users’ connections to validate the skills listed on their profile resulting in a users’ competence for specific skills and specializations to become recognized. With this feature a users’ connections can recommend and promote a particular skill without having to write a recommendation.
The projects section of your profile allows you to share with your network your work experience and your flight history. Our system formats the project section to show extensive details about each entry and allows you to set a level of how much is shared publicly.
As an enterprise company, you will have access to the freelance database of pilots and will have the ability to invite those freelance pilots into your enterprise network. Inviting pilots will allow you to hire them by contracts of different lengths dependant on your needs. Such contracts come with privacy and limited engagement terms for a freelance pilot to only be able to view and share data for the project they have been hired for.
When you have reached the maximum number of pilots based on your plan, you have the option to increase the number of pilots by contacting us. Increases in total number of pilots allowed in your network are subject to price changes.
Within the projects section of your enterprise dashboard you can assign a pilot to a project and/or tasks within that project, allowing them to see and interact with different aspects of that project.
Within each project you can create and assign different tasks to pilots within your enterprise network. Once a pilot has completed a task, that pilot can update the status of that task within the project.
With the use of the Paper Management module, you can share and keep track of important documents pertaining to different projects. The pilots within your enterprise network will be able to see and use the documents stored within the Paper Management Module.

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